Why I’m Making Space Salvager

A number of years ago now, must’ve been early 2010, I decided to make a game.

When I was at school doing my GSCEs and A Levels me and my friends used to do a lot of LAN parties.  For those who don’t know what they are, we’d get our computers together, network them up and play games for a couple of days together.  One of my favourite multiplayer games was Freelancer, a fantastic space game which I’ve been assured has a single player mode.  It was a few years old by then, but we used to play with the Discovery mod on, which just expanded the game so much for us.  After people dispersed to University, I moved to EVE Online as a full-time addiction until I went to University the following year.

At University I studied computer games programming, which was tough but a lot of fun.  In our second semester, during our “Games Design” module we used XNA to rapidly develop weekly prototypes, followed by a more in-depth prototype for the second six weeks.  You’d think from that Space Salvager was a prototype written for “Games Design”, but it was actually something I ended up working on at the same time and was nothing to do with my academic studies.

When it came to the Summer holidays I looked back again at the Space Salvager prototype and thought about my time LANing with my friends and I really loved of that.  So I decided to continue developing Space Salvager, taking it in the direction of exactly the game I’d want to play with my friends.  Taking the playability of a top-down space shooter, simple enough that I could implement and still be fun to play, while adding in more long-term mechanics like leveling, exploring and ship building.  Perhaps a little too advantageous, which would explain why it’s now 2013 and it’s only just gotten to where it should be.

What got me thinking about this was a comment someone made on the Greenlight page:

I was describing to a friend what I really wanted someone to make, and I couldn’t understand why no one had.  After months of searching for the game I wanted, you guys are making it!  This looks awesome.

I’m glad this is something at least one other person out there has been looking for, this is what makes games so much fun to develop.  I hope Space Salvager is everything they’re looking for, I hope it doesn’t disappoint.  I put a lot of myself into what I make, a lot of love and emotion goes into them.  This is the first title I’ve published and I hope the people who play it enjoy it.  I don’t mind how many people buy it, just so long as there’s enough copies bought to fund me until the next game’s released.

4 thoughts on “Why I’m Making Space Salvager

  1. I can really relate to this a lot. I love freelancer first off, have you heard of Star Citizen? Also we are currently in the process of creating our first indie game. The idea you have sounds great and I’m really excited to hear more about it and will check out the rest of your site. Thanks for sharing and keep at it!


      • Same here, not straight because I didn’t have the money but I managed to grab a 325a Fighter package with unlimited insurance. Loving the hanger module 😀

        The game we are working on is called Monstrum its a pet simulation game allowing people to collect pets, play games with them and discover newer rarer pets. It’s for smartphone’s and we felt we could make a really good well designed game. Check out our word press if your interested. 🙂


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