Space Salvager 1.4: New Menus

Not a big update, but I’m aware that I’ve not posted anything in almost a week.

With the previous patch I introduced an entirely new menu system, the previous menus weren’t very good – they didn’t function very well, looked pretty nasty and weren’t clear.  The new menus have been designed with focusing the entire screen on the single function of whatever that menu is doing.  Although the navigation bar is still visible, most of the screen is clear to play around with for the menu and present as little as information as necessary clearly and visibly.  These new menus have been plastered around in the 1.3 screenshots, found here, and in some of the 1.4 development screenshots.

With 1.4 comes a few small UI changes.

First off I’ve changed the background of each button from a rectangle to an irregular pentagon – basically I cut the bottom left corner of adding a fifth side.  This was an idea presented to me by a friend over facebook, who originally suggested the background change and having the text in all capitals, font changed and aligned bottom right.  Although I didn’t like the capitals and font alignment, the background change looked really good and changing the font face didn’t do anything either way for me, but I figured it’d look clearer.

Second, another friend of mine who works very hard for a real games studio has been doing some bits and pieces for Space Salvager.  For the 1.3 patch he re-textured the entire constellation map, which now looks beautiful.  He’s recently replaced all the equipment icons, which no longer fitted the games art style, now giving a really good feel to the hangar and market place menus.

Finally I’m introducing some intermediate menus on top of existing menus that I feel are becoming too crowded.  The hangar, for example, had too many buttons on the left hand side for ship selection.  They’ve been removed by choosing your ship before entering the hangar and replaced with some options for your ship which are much neater.

Anyway, some of the changes are below, if you have any thoughts let me know.

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