Norwich Game Expo

For a third year running I’ll be showing exhibiting at a convention, but breaking with previous tradition I won’t be exhibiting at GameCitySquared this year.

For the last two years I’ve been at GameCitySquared exhibiting Space Salvager, but last year was pretty bad for me.  I was quite ill and had to exhibit on my own, while dealing with the workload of a final year at University.  In hindsight I shouldn’t have gone at all, but I did and it’s put me off going back.  It’s not against the people at GameCity, I think it’s a wonderful convention and I’d like to go back in the future, but with a different game and some people supporting me.

Anyway, back to the Norwich Game Expo.

By the time October rolls around I’ll have LAN multiplayer running on Space Salvager and I hope to have a few units set up so people can play together, or against eachother, cross-platform.  That’s right!  If everything works out, which it never does, I will have Space Salvager running cross-platform network multiplayer.  If not though, the very least I will have local multiplayer running as that’s been in since day one.

It should be a fun two days, I’ll have postcards, fridge magnets and maybe a banner or two to give out!  If you’ve got the time around the 11th and 12th of October I seriously suggest coming down to Norwich, if not to see Space Salvager then to see the other multitude of fantastic games that’ll be there.

October 11th/12th – be there!

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