After The Break

This weekend has been the first weekend in a long, long while where I’ve not done any work.

That statement is a complete lie, now I think about it.  Yesterday I did some bug hunting in the new lighting in Space Salvager and this morning I had a conference call with the plot team for my faction at Curious Pastimes.  The difference is the pressure, I’ve not felt particularly pressured by anything this weekend.  On Friday evening, after having tackled a particularly annoying project all week which just cannot be resolved, I forced myself to set the weekend aside for myself.  There would be no deadlines, no need to do anything in particular, just attempt to relax.

I ended up playing Cities in Motion 2 most of Saturday, interspersed with microwaved pasta-bake from the earlier in the week and my ongoing re-cap of Fringe from the beginning.  It wasn’t until about half ten at night I decided to try and fix some issues with the new lighting and I resolved some of it. I’ve been able to put some things into perspective over the weekend though, mostly a postmortem on the development and deployment of Space Salvager, but also how my life at the moment and how I’m living on less than a shoe-string.  I love making games, but unless I need to make a decent push and soon.  I have some ideas in the works, but right now my goals are: Space Salvager 1.4.1 (Multiplayer), Space Salvager Windows 8, Space Salvager OUYA, prototypes.  I won’t go on about the formers, as they’re pretty self explanatory, what I will explain is the latter.


Basically, I’m going to spend a week or a weekend knocking up some prototype games to see which are feasible, which I prefer and which people prefer.  Here are the current ideas, I’d rather you didn’t steal them but if you do let me know how it goes:

  1. Top-Down Shooter Game of Life – You ride around in a tank battling AI or other players while the terrain shifts according to Conways Game Of Life.
  2. Horror in the Dark – You’re alone, in a dark space station (cliché) with just a torch.  You have to escape, avoiding unmentionable horrors in the dark and people with guns wiping out everything.
  3. Massive Space Battle – You and a bunch of other people (or AI) go through a series of scenarios protecting a carrier in space as you attempt to annihilate an invading alien force.

Any thoughts?

2 thoughts on “After The Break

  1. Idea 2 would be cool. Add things like batteries to the torch and if you’re out, provide a camera so the player could use a flash to get around. Not sure I’ve seen that done yet.

    Idea 3 would be awesome if it was set in one of the systems of Nyr Heim or something like that as a sly nod to SS.


    • “Massive Space Battle” was actually an idea from over a year ago when we were asked to make a 32+ player game for the cinema. The original title was “Thors Hammer” and covered the hours just before the storyline for Space Salvger is set, where the NHSA flotilla prodded the astral gate and loads of aliens came out. Essentially you and a bunch of players flew some ships protecting this carrier while it attempted to protect the Bifrost space station and shut the astral gate down. The last scene of which was the carrier Babylon 5-ing it into the astral gate (for those who don’t know that means ramming it).

      As for “Horror in the Dark” I’ve seen some interesting stuff used in Alan Wake, similar to using batteries and stuff. I was thinking of setting it on the station in Bifrost, same time as “Thors Hammer” but from a completely different, more personal, perspective.


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