Everything Went Wrong

So on Thursday my hard drive spun its final spindle on this mortal coil and promptly died.  Sort of.  It died enough that Windows 8 can’t run from it any more.  Immediate panic and stress sets in as I’m already behind, so I get out my spare machine and plug the hard drive into there to attempt to retrieve the weeks work.  I usually keep backups of all my work on a data stick and on SkyDrive/Dropbox, but I kind of forget to do that this week.  Get the spare running and I can’t access my Windows 8 user folders because I don’t have the right access privileges.  Do some searching on the internet – no luck.  Phoned a friend of mine who’s a Microsoft ambassador who quickly told me exactly how to resolve the issue.  So, it turns out that a local administrator does not have the right to read or write another systems files, however it does have the right to add new users that can – go figure right?  So with the applied I retrieved my files and go everything running by about six in the evening yesterday.  Today rolls around and my spare machine refuses to boot.  After some harassment it turns out it will not boot with data sticks in, odd but fine I can handle that.

Nothing has wrong since then, fingers crossed, and I’ve made a bit of headway.  The below screen shot is the result of todays work, it might look exactly the same as it did weeks ago but there are some differences:screenshot_0First off this is using a shading technique that works on DirectX 9 and OpenGL – that means I can maybe possibly get this to run on Linux and OUYA.  Second, and this is the important bit, the screen shot is 1080p.  I’ve upped the resolution from 720p to 1080p because I’m hopefully publishing through a new digital distribution platform and they’ve asked for higher resolution screen shots.  I’m not going to say who yet, because I’m not sure I can and I’d rather not annoy them, but I’m pretty excited for it.

The final thing to wrap up the week is Greenlight is getting a bit better for Space Salvager, which is really good.  If you’ve not already voted it up please do and tell your friends!

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