I’m Back and Everything is Working

I’m back and everything is working: for now…

I thought you deserved an update on how things are going.  I’ve managed to get my computer running with a new hard drive, however I was unable to recover Windows so I’ve re-installed and started afresh.  The drive was “locked” and couldn’t be “unlocked” no matter what advice I used from the internets.  I spent all day yesterday trying to resolve that and today I gave up and formatted because I don’t have a lot of time until the Norwich Games Expo.  That, leads me on to my next point.

I’m pretty annoyed at myself right now, this patch should be done and out by now and it isn’t.  There is still no multiplayer in Space Salvager and there should be; moreover there are some bugs in the game which have been resolve quite a while ago in the new patch that’s yet to be rolled out.  Right now I have a decision, to either roll out 1.4.1 without the long promised multiplayer or wait until it’s done.  I am pretty torn on this, I want people to have access to a smoother, more enjoyable game, but at the same time I don’t want to let people down yet again.

So I’ll leave the choice down to you.  If the vote says release now it’ll be available Thursday/Friday, otherwise it’ll be released a week or so later.

Edit: I spoke too soon, 7Zip won’t unarchive my projects.  This is the end of the world.

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