Space Salvager: Secret Midnight Post

Not really secret, but it’s fairly limited unless you’re subscribed.  I mean, who’s going to see this pop-up at 1:06AM?

Anyway – here are some screen shots of the ships rendered in-game for the 1.4.1 patch.  Two most visible changes: new/better/different shadow engine and 1080p where previously 720p.


Edit: I realise I have an international audience, which is awesome, so maybe more people will see this than I thought.

One thought on “Space Salvager: Secret Midnight Post

  1. […] On the left you’ve got the ARC 230 and 240, on the right you’ve got three designs for the new ship.  Personally I am torn between one and three.  Although one borrows it’s shape a lot from the ARC 240 it’s a nice twist on the design and looks quite nice as a starting the ship; whereas three has a very different design from other ships entirely, it still has that ARC feeling to it, but contrasts nicely with any other design of a ship in game, see here. […]


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