Space Salvager: 1.4.1 Released

So after a fun three days at GameCity, which completely took it out of me, the new patch is released.  It’s up now on ShinyLoot and will be filtering out to IndieCity and hopefully Gameolith soon.

I’d love to show you a video of someone playing Space Salvager at GameCity Open Arcade, unfortunately my phone has decided it didn’t record it.  This is disappointing, however here are some just as phone-resolution-terrible pictures instead.

Got some good feedback from people on Space Salvager, which will be filtering into 1.4.2, met some really nice people and saw some really cool games.

The coolest game I played was by a dev. demoing next to me, although he was demoing something completely different, I briefly got to play an older game of his called “Hacktivism”.  I recommend giving it a play, it’s got a better tutorial than Space Salvager, although what hasn’t, and it’s got some very good cyber punk tones.  It’s said to be a lot like Uplink, which although I’ve never played I’ve been told repeatedly it’s really good, so the similarity can only be a good thing.

I’m announcing this now, and will probably mention it again later, but the 1.4.2 patch will be coming out either the eighth, ninth or tenth of November.  I’m not sure which day is best at the moment, but it’ll be just under three weeks from now.  That target for 1.4.2 is to continue balancing the economy, progress the market, tweak the shadow effects, fix a number of small fiddly issues and finish multiplayer.  This will also coincide with the release for Desura, so stay tuned for that.

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