Space Salvager – 1.4.1 Patch Notes

Content Added:

  • Replaced the DX10 shadows with OpenGL/DX9 shadows
  • Changed arrow colours and sizes to fit contexts better
  • Resource drops now appear on HUD
  • Equipment and ships now only appear at the station you purchased/manufactured them
  • Weapons now fire from different positions on each ship
  • Economy has been re-balanced to reflect player time and equipment pricing
  • Resources now affect the ship cargobay
  • Accessing a ship from the hangar bay now means selecting undock from the Hub will choose that ship automatically

Bugs Fixed:

  • Stopped the player trashing their only ship
  • Player death no longer causes the game to crash
  • Player death no longer causes the game to go into a null state
  • Closing the save menu no longer double activates the station menu
  • Fixed an issue for jumping from “First Boneyard” to “Muspell”
  • Lasers now always show when firing
  • Loading text did not always turn green on load
  • When trashing items you can no longer enter an empty menu
  • Fixed gamepad support
  • Increased particle engine efficiency by approximately 100%
  • Radiation warning now renders when HUD is not active
  • Can no longer destroy last ship at a station
  • Can no longer destroy last engine at a station, including those already equipped
  • Hangar bay menu fixed to not drop weapons on undock
  • Player ship is no longer visible after death
  • Engine trails for the “Gold Dumpster” now reflect their true position on the ship
  • HUD text now goes over shadows

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