The Kings Only Daughter

In a Kingdom most notable for strife and subjugation of its own people, the Kings only daughter took her own life.  For those who knew her it wasn’t surprising, perhaps the fact it’d taken her this long could’ve been deemed a surprise, nonetheless for the King is was devastating news.  She was his only daughter and only child: heir to the throne.

So a call with given out across the land: “Whomever can retrieve my daughters soul from the underworld may have her hand in marriage.”  A call answered by many, including yourself.  Starting at the capital you must journey across the land to foot of the mountain, known only as Abaddon.  Through there lies the entrance to the Underworld, not the end of the journey but the beginning of a new one, for her soul could lie anywhere in that unholy world and the cost of her extradition is unknown.

The journey will be hard, encountering many trials and foes along the way, not to mention other heroes attempting to rescue the princess themselves.  Do you fight them, hide from them, ask for their aid or simply ignore them?  Perhaps you could use them as fodder later on, who track them to see their mistakes.  That choice is yours, hero.

Journey the land, defeat the monsters, save the girl – I guess that’s pretty simple…

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