Space Salvager – Weekly Round-up!

So I’ve been fairly ill this past week, possibly got a chest infection but I’m not sure.  Today I’m feeling better, which is strange because yesterday I spent a long time standing around in the cold waiting for estate agents who never showed – long story short on that one, moving back to Derby a week this Saturday, so if you’re in Derby and want to hang out: let me know.

After the vote earlier in the week I got back to Mair and she’s finished the first draft of the ARC 110 (see left).  This is a new starter ship for those who purchase the exclusive content for IndieGameStand.  It has three weapon slots, a very lighter hull than the UESA Alpha 2 of 50, a much larger cargobay of 125 m3.

Exciting stuff eh?  I’m very excited about it, I’ve not had any new ships added since day one, so I think this is really cool.

Other exciting news is Space Salvager has been offer on Gameolith all week, however it’s now on even more special offer at 50% for the whole weekend to celebrate the launch on Gameolith!  I feel like I keep banging on about it, but I really like the platform.  You have a lot more control over what you can upload, how it’s bundled, how your price things (fixed, pay what you want, open source, donations, etc.) and deal amount.  It’d be nice if you could set up offer periods that run automatically, but I’m not going to complain with how it is at the moment as it’s pretty sweet.  The only issue is it doesn’t seem very popular, which is a shame because it’s got a nice setup.  The player side to it is very straight forward and you can pay by a number of different methods, including BitCoin which is awesome.  Anyway, Gameolith!

Finally: have a new wallpaper!


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