Charity Choice?

With Space Salvager going on up IndieGameStand, sometime in the next few weeks/months, I need to pick a charity to donate to.  I’m aware of a bunch of charities, I’ve raised money for a number when I was running the Imagineers Society at Derby Uni.

Child’s Play and Samaritans are the two that immediately spring to me.  Child’s Play because there’s a lot of video game related events that are involved with them already, including a sponsored twenty-four hour gaming session.  Samaritans because of the work they do in helping those in emotional distress.  I had a friend who took his own life coming up to a year ago now, although it wasn’t that big of a surprise it floored me emotionally as I just wasn’t prepared for it.  The Samaritans help a lot of other people in similar situations as Andy.

Other than that my involvement with charities is really limited and if anyone has any suggestions I’d really like to hear them.

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