After The Long Wait

It’s been over a month since I last properly blogged and you know what?  I miss it, I’ve missed blogging.  I’m planning on writing some XNA/MonoGame posts just as soon as I remember what they were going to be about, something to do with the nuances of changing from XNA to MonoGame or at least the difficulties I encountered.  Anyway, now I’m going to talk about the last few weeks in brief!

Mature Gamers Podcast

I was actually invited to speak on a podcast, which was pretty cool for me.  Few weeks back I managed to find myself a quiet place at a friends and steal their internet for a few hours while we chatted about Space Salvager, video games and what I’d like to see gone from the industry: you know those people who help show off video games at conventions, but obviously had nothing to do with the game and don’t really know anything about the game?  Those people.  Apparently this was a popular idea.


Greenlight for Space Salvager is still going along very slowly, there are a considerable number of people who have dropped some very complimentary comments which I’d like to take a moment to thank.  It’s the wonderful comments, support from other developers and my friends who’ve kept me going.  That and Dr. Pepper.  Love that stuff.  If you get a free moment or just want to help out an indie please share this link around:, it would mean a lot to me.  I’ve been pursuing a few indie game sites but apparently I’m awful at writing press releases and just marketing in general.

The Future of Space Salvager

Space Salvager 1.4.2 is coming January 30th!  Just decided that now and it’s happening.  That means LAN multiplayer, in 1080p, with less bugs.  No, seriously, less bugs.  There are a lot of things I’d like to add into Space Salvager, but I’m refusing to do any of them until after 1.4 is done and dusted, which means I can focus on finishing off LAN multiplayer and fixing the remaining issues.  I’m personally excited to finally get LAN multiplayer in there, it’s been a long trek but it’s so close I can taste it.  After that it’ll be time to reconsider Windows 8, Xbox 360 and maybe Xbox One once I’ve done some more research.  I’d like to do an OUYA version, but that all depends on MonoGame.

That’s it from me for now, but stay tuned for more announcements as they happen!

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