Space Salvager 1.4.2 – Part 3

For the last week and a bit I’ve been debugging the multiplayer and integrating the chatbox into Space Salvager.


multiplayer_testing_0Gripping stuff!

Corporation Logos

Something a little more interesting visually I’ve been working on are the corporation logos.  I’m painfully aware the game lore is not particularly visible within Space Salvager, although it’s fairly rich with content I’ve just not gotten it across at all.  One of the first steps I’ve taken for this is to properly incorporate the corporations of Nyr Heim: starting with logos.  The first logo I’ve been working on is for ARC (Álf Recycling Collective).  Essentially Álf is where most the trash produced by the constellation gets dumped, as it’s easy credits for a planet that has little to no natural resources and therefore no fiscal value in and of itself.  ARC are an agglomeration of smaller companies who sprouted up in order to monetise off the concept of recycling the ever growing stockpile of space-trash, joining forces in an attempt to deal with the overwhelming corporate might that is the MEC (Muspell Engineering Corporation).  Below are the eight logos I’m considering for ARC:

Edit: I’ve pretty much settled on one of the modifications below, thanks to @TheCodeTroll and @EastMidsIndies.


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