Space Salvager – January Sucked

Things have not progressed how I wanted: at all.  I purposely set a fairly wide deadline for 1.4.2 to ensure it was definitely going to be ready for the end of January, but then everything fell apart.  It was nothing that happened to the game, but something that happened to me personally that stopped me from being able to work.  I won’t go into the details, although anyone who follows me on twitter probably pieced it together when I announced the title of my next game:

So January sucked and I got nowhere near the work done that I needed to, however now we’re half way through February and things are looking better here is the plan:

  • Release 1.4.2 with or without multiplayer  for the Ragnarok – supposedly the 22nd of February this year
  • Release exclusive content on IndieGameStand same day or after
  • Release on Desura soon after
  • Give a bunch of free keys to all my twitter/wordpress followers
  • Re-bother reviewers for reviews

That’s the plan anyway.  So if you know anyone or you yourself wants a free copy of Space Salvager bother me on twitter or here.

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