Space Salvager 1.4.2 – Part 5

Space Salvager 1.4.2 is finally out! Admittedly without multiplayer, which I am very unhappy about but it had to be done unfortunately.

The Future

The current plan doesn’t involve any more patches for Space Salvager, although knowing me I probably will anyway. Currently I’m planning on making a few small prototypes and seeing how they go, at least two of which are sequels/prequels to Space Salvager.  So stay tuned!

Patch Notes (Fixed)

  • You can trash your only ship (assets menu)
  • Add accelerators back in
  • Changing from no/new profile to saved profile crashes game (possible from space to station)
  • Check death/life effects for resource spawners
  • Check player death
  • Closing save profile menu re-activates the navigation bar
  • Constellation menu too small for 1080p
  • Fix shadows
  • Fix switch profile save/load menu
  • Issue jumping from “First Boneyard” to “Muspell” (player does not re-appear)
  • Lasers do not always show, particularly when firing at something close
  • Light ship better
  • Loading text will sometimes go green but not change the actual text
  • Resolve compilation warnings
  • Tweak shadows over the top of objects
  • You can trash all items and go back to an empty menu (assets menu)
  • Y Button on gamepad does not perform exclusive check
  • Cannot open player menu with Start Button on gamepad while in sub-menu
  • Cannot close player menu using B Button on gamepad
  • Check the efficiency of particle engines
  • Radiation warning not rendering when HUD is not displayed
  • Change HUD arrows to use different sizes and colour filters
  • Resource drops should appear on HUD when close-by
  • Have interactable orbital objects jump you further from the centre
  • Reduce the number of render calls for shadow mapping
  • Remove PC overlayer
  • Change ships and equipment to only exist at stations they were left at
  • Change asset menu to disallow the destruction of the last ship at that station
  • Change asset menu to disallow the destruction of the last engine (including equipped to ships) at that station
  • Lasers do not fire at the correct angle
  • Svartalfa and Harbingers labels on constellation map are off
  • Destination text sometimes goes beyond the HUD display
  • Add weapon positions on ships
  • NHSA Enforcer always drops the last weapon equipped after undocked (or the NHSA Hulk)
  • Change the hangar menu so only successfully changing an equipment removes it
  • Job board assignments double select and print bad text
  • Change laser beams to check collision from where they are actually are
  • Rebalance entire economy
  • Equipment/Metals do not affect cargobay, change this so they do
  • Game crashes after death, attempting to re-dock at station
  • Ship still visible after death
  • Dying from radiation outside the sector does cause the player to go into a dead state
  • Engine trail still visible after jumping
  • Fix engine trails for Gold Dumpster (Lorry_2)
  • Change the UESA Travellers engines
  • Accessing a ship on the station hangar bay should move this ship to element zero in the array
  • Add cargo bay menu
  • In game messages do not take into account camera zoom
  • Change the mission payout values for time and unit count
  • Change the HUD text to go above the darkness
  • Sometimes won’t undock until restart
  • Sometimes discos out when jumping
  • Cargo bay confirm menu not closing
  • Moving resources from your cargohold to your station does not increment your resources
  • Emptying your cargo bay does not update your data display
  • Undocking seems to fix armour/hull
  • Remove L3 has HUD toggle
  • Trashing your last equipment makes the menu think you’re trashing your last engine
  • Finding the nearest ship throws an exception when a player ship has no location
  • Pressing enter after player ship death sometimes does nothing
  • When launching from the HUB the first ship is not selected
  • Remove station back route
  • Remove mission routes
  • HUD text scaled wrong for camera zoom
  • Explosion particle engine not rendering correctly
  • Redeploy new game description
  • Clean up arrows in wrong locations for first tick of after creation
  • Armour/Hull are not priced correctly
  • UESA Traveller Engines y axis flipped
  • Region maps clamping values causing issues
  • MEC Belt connection not in map menu
  • Laser HUD colour needs changing
  • Change resources not to re-spawn on destruction, but only on exiting on boundary to limit the number of resources harvested
  • Rotate enemy health to face the player
  • On clearing a sector of everything inform the player (positive reward)
  • Cargo bay not showing electricals
  • Experiment with arrows getting bigger as you get closer.
  • Show enemy damage when player hits them
  • Play around with the shadow clearing (perhaps only draw objects AT ALL if they’re in line of sight)
  • Player ship is still visible after death
  • Fix polygon collision generation
  • Change swapping a weapon to see all weapons, not just weapons of that type
  • Transport missions can select themselves
  • Change missions to be available form spawn only, eight for each planetary sector
  • Fix AI not to obsess over the centre of the map
  • Change AI to pathfind and not strike eachother
  • SpaceShip circular collision mesh not generated properly
  • Small ships (UESA Alpha 2) do not collide with big objects (asteroids).
  • Change ship data to have a flag for locked, using this flag for being able to see and build
  • Change hangar menu to accept more than seven weapons
  • Issues changing equipment
  • Add warning message to equipment change menu
  • Remove credits display from hangar bay
  • Add credits display to the armour/hull fix menus
  • On player ship death engine sound does not stop
  • Stop music when player leaves
  • Sometimes pressing escape in the confirmation menu does not close the menu properly
  • Change player to store a name based on the user logged in
  • Confirmation menu doesn’t close when creating or viewing a server
  • Joining a server doesn’t work
  • Change the server and client to push and pull once every second, not every tick
  • Changed chat box to only update the selection menu on click
  • On game exit player does not leave the server
  • In server menus player display does not have a ‘c’ at the end of the credits count
  • Server does not shutdown properly
  • Chatbox shows on undock
  • Fix chatbox button collisions
  • Change station and player menu colours to reflect the current regions colour.
  • Add the name of the station to the station navigation bar when nothing is open.
  • Add chat send and receive on server/client
  • GameObject::TakeCreationStream failing every time, going outside buffer range
  • Sometimes you can connect multiple times on the server whilst connecting zero or once on the client
  • Jumping sometimes does not spawn the player on the other side
  • Docking causes no station menu to be generated
  • Change load profile display boundary to reflect the colour of the owning region that profile was last saved at
  • Shooting causes the client/server to begin handling update packets badly
  • Client ship is added twice
  • Add corporation manufacturer on item
  • Undocking from the server does not add the server player ship to the client
  • Add corporation to all item data
  • Display corporation logo on item display
  • Add corporation data
  • Finish logo for UESA and NHSA (remove manufacturer/logo existence check on DataDisplay)
  • Override default ActiveShipData data with TemplateShipData
  • Display corporation logo on station menu ‘no-menu’
  • Fix mouse texture not rendering in centre of mouse
  • Shading for light flicker (rounding issue with DrawLine)
  • Salvage does not always drop items
  • Ship doesn’t always dock/interact first time
  • Add animations into the menus based on cameras and states
  • HUD does not position correctly in two player
  • Mouse is rendered in the wrong location in two player
  • Menus stretch horizontally in two player
  • Station menu name in two-player position is incorrect
  • Change all light emitters to re-render, not just the camera
  • Tutorial text does not always appears in two player
  • Switching profiles with two people causes viewport issues
  • Leaving the game when another player is in the player loader menu causes the viewport to stretch
  • Resizing the viewport causes the camera to jump around

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