Space Salvager – 1.4.3 Updates Pt. 5

This is just a summary update for all the patches in 1.4.3. There’s been a lot going on since Space Salvager came out on Steam last November, lots of fixes and improvements that people have been asking for. There’s a few more improvements coming for the following weeks and I aim to keep everyone updated as things progress.

Released Platforms

  • Steam
  • Desura
  • IndieCity
  • IndieGameStand
  • ShinyLoot
  • Gameolith


  • Controls map menu for keyboard/mouse
  • Improved support for gamepads
  • Settings menu


  • Steam deployment dependencies to use XNA, not OpenAL
  • Location of the settings file to reside in AppData, not My Documents
  • Shadow engine to be more efficient
  • Tractor beam force to be percentage of total mass, allowing cargo ships to dock easier


  • Issue with split screen initialising when after player dies with no extra ships
  • Data display title underline obscuring subtitle
  • Data not loading correctly for weapons and ships for cultures which use a comma for a decimal point (e.g. Netherlands nl-NL)
  • Equipment size to be 1/10th when looting from salvage
  • Issue with buying equipment that you do and don’t qualify for
  • Space station background render to show space outside
  • Co-operative play to correctly modify the existing players’ viewports

4 thoughts on “Space Salvager – 1.4.3 Updates Pt. 5

  1. Hey, I bought Space Salvager back in 2013 on ShinyLoot, and now that it’s on Steam I was wondering if I could get a key for it there? Especially since ShinyLoot has an old version posted and I like to stay auto-updated.


    • Hey Richard,

      Thanks very much for buying Space Salvager way back before it was on Steam, the early adopters were the ones that kept me going through the rough patches so I really appreciate it.

      I’ve been in contact with ShinyLoot for a while not trying to get the latest build up as well as some Steam keys, unfortunately there’s been some issues with the FTP. I’ll send them another e-mail today and find out what’s happening, but if nothing gets sorted by the weekend drop me another message and I’ll send you a key directly.


      • Thanks for the response. I just checked and ShinyLoot’s version is still from February 25th, 2014. That might be from when I bugged you for a Windows 8-compatible upload. 🙂


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