Global Game Jam 2015

It’s been a while since I participated in a game jam and with Space Salvager out on Steam now I figured I’d give GGJ2015 a go and get back into rapid prototyping.

Having planned this all out I completely forgot I was supposed to run my live-action roleplaying group’s AGM this Saturday.  Luckily for me my parents house is near where the AGM is and they just so happen not to be around this weekend.  So harking back to my teenage/University years I am crashing my parents place to LAN and make video games with a friend doing games at college.

With all that re-planned there’s a big deal about doing jamming at a registered venue and registering your team and game, etc.  I get the feeling this is all about publicing and building up competition.  I could be wrong about that but that’s what I could gather from it all as I desperately tried to arrange WiFi and a power socket for the weekend in Shire, cue foreboding music.

Because I’m dipping out part-way through for a few hours to run this AGM I won’t be at a venue or with a randomly allocated team.  It didn’t seem fair to impose myself on a team knowing I’d disappear halfway through to return later. With that in mind we’re just going to jam out a game within the theme and see what we come up with between 5PM Friday and 5PM Sunday.

The idea of game jams was to get together and jam out some games: so seems reasonable right?

Anyway, in summary I’ll be broadcasting ever more intellectually diminishing tweets about our game this Friday to Sunday.

Maybe I’ll try something non-space related.

I make no promises however.

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