Bash for Windows

Earlier this year Microsoft, with support from Canonical, released the Linux subsystem for Windows 10, which allows a user to install an Ubuntu image. This is said not to be a container, nor a full VM, but the Ubuntu user-mode image running on the Windows kernel. How you ask? Read the How It Works section … Continue reading Bash for Windows

Devuan on the Raspberry Pi

For anyone who reads my posts regularly or follows me on twitter, you'll be aware I've worked a lot with Raspberry Pi's in a production capacity. The devices I've helped work with have ended up in shops and restaurants all around the world. Security Issues Recently I came across some security issues with debian 7 … Continue reading Devuan on the Raspberry Pi

Windows CE to Raspbian – Pt. 6: Creating an apt Repository

This is part five of a series of posts: click here for the previous post or here for the first post. This post is about creating an apt repository to support package distribution for debian and invoking package installation from C#. Although this is specifically aimed at Raspbian this is similar for other debian based operating systems. This is … Continue reading Windows CE to Raspbian – Pt. 6: Creating an apt Repository