Space Salvager 1.4.2 – Part 2

So what would multiplayer be without being able to chat with each other?  Better than that, what's the point in fighting pirates if they can't smack-talk you? Multiplayer Chat Every game with multiplayer has the ability to chat with each other, at least every multiplayer game I can think of does.  The chat itself will … Continue reading Space Salvager 1.4.2 – Part 2

Space Salvager 1.4.2 – Part 1

Pictures!  Pictures galore!  Everyone loves screenshots, right? Enemy Health Notifcation One of the enhancements people were asking about at the Norwich Games Expo and GameCitySquared was "targeting" in combat.  Essentially, retaining who you're shooting at because there can often me a number of enemies on screen and a number visible on your HUD.  Now, the … Continue reading Space Salvager 1.4.2 – Part 1