Space Salvager – Release Schedule

Thought it might be a good idea to outline the current platforms and release deadlines, because apart from inside my own head and a poorly updated spreadsheet on dropbox, it's not publicly out there. Patch: 1.4.0 30/08/13 - ShinyLoot Patch: 1.4.1 29/10/13 - Gameolith 05/11/13 - IndieGameStand Regular 12/11/13 - IndieGameStand Exclusive Patch: 1.4.2 19/11/13 … Continue reading Space Salvager – Release Schedule


Space Salvager: 1.4.1 Released

So after a fun three days at GameCity, which completely took it out of me, the new patch is released.  It's up now on ShinyLoot and will be filtering out to IndieCity and hopefully Gameolith soon. I'd love to show you a video of someone playing Space Salvager at GameCity Open Arcade, unfortunately my phone … Continue reading Space Salvager: 1.4.1 Released

Space Salvager: Why It Didn’t Come With Multiplayer

First off apologies for not posting in the last week, I've been half-off work running around Derby and Nottingham seeing friends and finishing some freelance pieces. To the meat of the topic: Space Salvager multiplayer.  I posted something ages ago putting LAN multiplayer in for 1.4 and that never happened, not for that patch anyway.  LAN … Continue reading Space Salvager: Why It Didn’t Come With Multiplayer