Space Salvager – 1.4.3 Release

Space Salvager is finally on Steam! It's been a long journey through Greenlight, as well as finishing up the 1.4.3 patch that you all deserve, but Space Salvager is finally out on Steam!  Well, it will be on Tuesday, but the store page is up and people are talking. If you can't wait until Tuesday though … Continue reading Space Salvager – 1.4.3 Release

Space Salvager – Scanning & Talents

First off, apologies for delaying the Steam release.  There's a few things I want to finish up before letting it loose on Steam and I've been somewhat behind on things due to a strong down period end of last month.  But here's the good news: scanning!  More importantly how talents affect scanning.ScanningScanning is new in … Continue reading Space Salvager – Scanning & Talents