Bash for Windows

Earlier this year Microsoft, with support from Canonical, released the Linux subsystem for Windows 10, which allows a user to install an Ubuntu image. This is said not to be a container, nor a full VM, but the Ubuntu user-mode image running on the Windows kernel. How you ask? Read the How It Works section … Continue reading Bash for Windows


Space Salvager –

Just a quick fix for a few issues: Fixed an issue where the collision manager can sometimes cause an unhandled exception. Fixed an issue where the settings page was not saving/loading the settings. Added music/effects volume controls for the settings page.

Windows CE to Raspbian – Pt. 1: Introduction & Differences

The purpose of this series of posts is to give an overview of my experiences deploying code to multiple platforms, in this case specifically taking a set of services written for Windows CE and make them cross-platform as a set of daemons for Raspbian. This post focuses on the difference between Windows CE and Raspbian … Continue reading Windows CE to Raspbian – Pt. 1: Introduction & Differences

.NET/Mono Environment: Special Folders

As a prelude to an upcoming series of posts about porting from Windows CE to Raspbian; here's a program that tells you the filepaths for all the special folders available on the current system. Special folders in .NET/Mono are abstract folders that exist within the Windows architecture. They're abstract folders because their paths may vary depending on the user running … Continue reading .NET/Mono Environment: Special Folders