Bash for Windows

Earlier this year Microsoft, with support from Canonical, released the Linux subsystem for Windows 10, which allows a user to install an Ubuntu image. This is said not to be a container, nor a full VM, but the Ubuntu user-mode image running on the Windows kernel. How you ask? Read the How It Works section … Continue reading Bash for Windows

Windows CE to Raspbian – Pt. 4: PCI Compliance

This is part four of a series of posts: click here for the previous post or here for the first post. The purpose of this particular post is to cover the issues found when testing for PCI compliance. If you're wondering whether your device needs to be PCI compliant then ask yourself this question: Will my device be … Continue reading Windows CE to Raspbian – Pt. 4: PCI Compliance

Space Salvager –

Just a quick fix for a few issues: Fixed an issue where the collision manager can sometimes cause an unhandled exception. Fixed an issue where the settings page was not saving/loading the settings. Added music/effects volume controls for the settings page.

Windows CE to Raspbian – Pt. 1: Introduction & Differences

The purpose of this series of posts is to give an overview of my experiences deploying code to multiple platforms, in this case specifically taking a set of services written for Windows CE and make them cross-platform as a set of daemons for Raspbian. This post focuses on the difference between Windows CE and Raspbian … Continue reading Windows CE to Raspbian – Pt. 1: Introduction & Differences

.NET/Mono Environment: Special Folders

As a prelude to an upcoming series of posts about porting from Windows CE to Raspbian; here's a program that tells you the filepaths for all the special folders available on the current system. Special folders in .NET/Mono are abstract folders that exist within the Windows architecture. They're abstract folders because their paths may vary depending on the user running … Continue reading .NET/Mono Environment: Special Folders

Space Salvager – 1.4.3 Updates Pt. 2 03/12/2014 Fixed data not loading correctly for weapons and ships for cultures which use a comma for a decimal point (e.g. Netherlands nl-NL) 05/12/2014 (Estimated) Re-introduce options menus for graphics/sound Change navigation bars to respond when in sub-menus Add key map to player menu Add more effective tutorial Fix space station background render … Continue reading Space Salvager – 1.4.3 Updates Pt. 2