After The Long Wait

It's been over a month since I last properly blogged and you know what?  I miss it, I've missed blogging.  I'm planning on writing some XNA/MonoGame posts just as soon as I remember what they were going to be about, something to do with the nuances of changing from XNA to MonoGame or at least … Continue reading After The Long Wait

Space Salvager – Weekly Round-up!

So I've been fairly ill this past week, possibly got a chest infection but I'm not sure.  Today I'm feeling better, which is strange because yesterday I spent a long time standing around in the cold waiting for estate agents who never showed - long story short on that one, moving back to Derby a … Continue reading Space Salvager – Weekly Round-up!

Space Salvager – Release Schedule

Thought it might be a good idea to outline the current platforms and release deadlines, because apart from inside my own head and a poorly updated spreadsheet on dropbox, it's not publicly out there. Patch: 1.4.0 30/08/13 - ShinyLoot Patch: 1.4.1 29/10/13 - Gameolith 05/11/13 - IndieGameStand Regular 12/11/13 - IndieGameStand Exclusive Patch: 1.4.2 19/11/13 … Continue reading Space Salvager – Release Schedule

Space Salvager – 1.4.1 Patch Notes

Content Added: Replaced the DX10 shadows with OpenGL/DX9 shadows Changed arrow colours and sizes to fit contexts better Resource drops now appear on HUD Equipment and ships now only appear at the station you purchased/manufactured them Weapons now fire from different positions on each ship Economy has been re-balanced to reflect player time and equipment … Continue reading Space Salvager – 1.4.1 Patch Notes