Space Salvager – Change List

I’ve not posted in a while as I’ve been busy with things, however here’s a little something to let you all know that Space Salvager is still very much alive.

Below is my current raw and unedited list of changes I’m either considering or implementing now, thank you @SpaceGameJunkie for inspiring me to continue developing it:

  • Add the feature to expediate transport of your items to a new location at cost
  • Change single tractor beam effect to multiple tractor beam effects
  • Change mass driver bullets to fade in quickly
  • Change laser beams to fade out slower
  • Add specific data to each sector, starting with “wrecks” in sectors related to the meta story
  • Combine Resource and CargoItem as one class
  • Add the ability to move items into the cargohold from the assets menu
  • Change exploration missions to ask the player to find out what’s happening in a sector
  • Add flavour text to each mission
  • Add flavour text to each sector
  • Lock on for pirates on HUD
  • Beacon arrows shouldn’t be black
  • Change mission objectives to flash on HUD
  • Add IRC into Space Salvager
  • Experiment with HUD circles expanding like radar flashes
  • Experiment with removing/changing NPC lights
  • Change docking sequences to run as a cut-scene
  • Look into micro meteors and debris when shooting asteroids and debris
  • Experiment with AI having randomly generated names and communicating with each other and the player (use this for storyline)
  • Stop barren sectors resetting on player entering a planetary sector
  • Begin generating special asteroid/debris fields and other events in barren sectors for a limited period
  • Check the number of render targets being created each tick
  • Check the number of render calls being made outside the main render call each tick
  • Introduce bow wake for engines
  • Introduce explosion physics
  • Change laser beam sound effect to be more pleasant
  • Finish writing corporation information
  • Re-work tutorial
  • Make boundaries of space more obvious
  • Make mining/salvaging more obvious
  • Change ‘Requirements Met’ on manufacturing menu to reflect all requirements
  • Debris sprite needs changing
  • Jumpgate sprite needs changing
  • Design constructable space stations
  • Design walking around on stations and space ships
  • Finish Linux support

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